Intermittent Fasting: How changing your eating window will become your ‘forever’ diet!

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As we chronicled in our earlier post, we’re thrilled that Washington Post Food and Dining Editor, Joe Yonan has taken on the Buddha’s Diet as a 30-day program to change his eating habits! He’s giving weekly updates on his progress, weight loss and food logs, so follow along with us on his journey!

While following Buddha’s Diet may be challenging, Joe hopes this approach to eating and weight loss will be lasting and become part of his life habit and not have to try a new diet for every new year.

Everyone is trying it, how about you?

Joe is in his third week of the  Buddha’s Diet which he embarked on at the beginning of this year after learning about our book and the sure-fire way to lose weight without losing your mind… he has turned to Buddha to lose weight. And why wouldn’t he, Buddha knew a little something about how to treat food. He’s one of five Washington Post staff members who have each taken on a different diet, in their New Year’s quest to lose weight. The diets are all quite different, one is trying a soup only diet, another Weight Watchers, another the very trendy Whole30 and, our personal favorite, Buddha’s Diet.
Of course we’re biased, and crossing our fingers Joe finds something to love about the diet. He’s posted three updates on his progress so far: Week 1 and Week 2 and Week 3).  While he finds the diet challenging (mostly because of his travel and work schedule) he’s losing weight and sticking to the hours. Go, Joe!

Is there a ‘forever diet’?

Buddha's Diet

Whatever diet you choose, think about this before you start it: is this something I can do forever? Because if you are undertaking a diet, what you are actually agreeing to do is to eat differently for life. Because a temporary diet will help you lose weight, but the weight comes back.

So when you view diets through that lens, what can you do forever?

  • Can you give up sugar, forever?
  • Can you give up bread, forever?
  • Can you count points, forever?
  • Can you eat soup, forever?

We think the one you can do forever, the one you can fold into your life such that the daily pattern of eating becomes woven into a lifetime habit, is intermittent fasting, a prescribed break from food that you repeat everyday. Nothing extreme. Just a hard stop at a certain time, after your eating window has closed.  

Not sure you can do this diet forever? Check out the steps of Buddha’s Diet and get started! We think you’ll find it’s a way of eating you and your body will love.

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