Oprah features Buddha’s Diet!

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oprah buddha's diet
We were very excited to see today that Oprah.com has featured an excerpt from Buddha’s Diet!

We love Oprah’s message of wellness, something she has been championing for years, and we’re so happy to have a part of Buddha’s Diet featured for an audience of fellow wellness seekers. You can read the excerpt here. Of course, we’d still recommend you get the whole book, for the full guide, support and steps to make this new pattern of eating work for you. But the piece chosen by Oprah’s people, certainly does a great job of introducing what Buddha’s Diet’s all about.

Last week, we also checked in with Joe Yonan of Washington Post food. He’s still on Buddha’s Diet and down 9 pound, not bad for a diet he actually seems to enjoy. With today being Saint Patrick’s day, perhaps it’ll be his cheat day (something Buddha’s Diet encourages – it actually helps weight loss) but we trust he’ll be back enjoying the benefits tomorrow. You can read about his journey here.

If you’ve got questions about Buddha’s Diet, feel free to message us on our Facebook page, we would love to hear from fellow Buddha’s Diet(ers) and help with any questions you might have!


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