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Here’s a recent recap of some of the buzz about Buddha’s Diet! 

  • Oprah: The Chart That Could Help You Lose Weight
  • TechCrunch: Buddha was a data scientist
  • Wired: What Silicon Valley Can Learn From Buddha’s Diet
  • Tricycle: The Buddha’s Diet
  • Quartz: These Buddhist principles can help you stop ruining your diet at work–and chill out, too
  • Workforce Management: Buddha’s Healthy Attitude: A Q&A with Facebook’s Dan Zigmond
  • Health: The Buddha’s Diet Will Help You Lose Weight With Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science
  • Splendid TableBuddha’s Diet: Finding the middle way to a healthy, happy diet (podcast)
  • Washington Post: 5 diets, a simple resolution to eat better in the new year: Which will work?
  • Lion’s Roar: This Zen priest teaches the Buddha’s middle way to eating
  • Elephant Journal: A strict eating rule that Buddha prescribed for optimum health
  • Business Insider: This Facebook executive says fasting for 15 hours a day changed his life
  • The Globe and Mail: How to attend an office party without drinking



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