You don’t need anything to start Buddha’s Diet. Not one thing. You need a little faith of course and you need to take stock of where you are now. Other than that, you have what it takes to make this part of your life.

There are however some things, both tangible and not, that will help you.  We’ll start with the easy things. These are things you can buy if you want. Of course you don’t have to.

Smart Scale (links the one one we happen to like, but there are lots)

You don’t need a fancy scale. But we found it motivating to use a smart scale, that charts a nice graph and synchs with your phone. Both because there is evidence (that we talk about in the book) that daily weigh-ins do help when you are trying to lose weight. You are not defined by your weight of course. But it can be helpful to see trends. There’s a reason your doctor weighs you when you go for a check up. Big changes in any direction can give them clues to your health.

Compost Bin (again, there are lots out there, find one you can keep on the counter and you won’t forget to use it)

In the chapter Waist or Waste, we go into the various hangups we all have about wasting food. They are varied and ingrained. Food waste is a problem for sure. But it’s not always wise to clean your plate when you aren’t hungry. You don’t want to be the garbage can.

In the Shop, we have books you may be interested in, if you are interested in exploring more about Buddhism, mindfulness, food, and so on.

Now for the things you can’t buy. These are a bit harder. You can’t get these things on Amazon.

These are mindset changes. And they are important. This is a brief rundown, covered more extensively in the book, along with the data and studies supporting these important aspects of mindful eating.

Choose the garbage can:

Emotional eating

Meal multitasking





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