We all know that bad habits can be hard to break, and for many people bad eating habits are harder than most. So we recommend a gradual approach. You don’t have to change your whole eating routine overnight.

Before you get started, you’ll want to consider a food log to discover your eating clock. To begin your journey, you have to first figure out the eating clock you are on now. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to begin the steps.

Note that these are just a basic outline of the steps.  A more complete picture can be found in Buddha’s Diet, a book that provides the blueprint for how to make this new style of eating work in your own life and schedule.


Step 1: The 12-Hour Window
Step 2: The 11-Hour Window
Step 3: The 10-Hour Window
Step 4: The 9-Hour Window

Change your eating clock.

Change your life.

Get the book.

buddha's diet book

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