Lose weight forever: Can Washington Post’s Food Editor Ace Buddha’s Diet?

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We’re so excited to share this great news!

Washington Post Food and Dining editor Joe Yonan is giving Buddha’s Diet a shot as his New Year’s resolution!

Joe has embarked on a 30-day program to follow the steps outlined in Buddha’s Diet – a simple way to stop the endless cycle of traditional dieting and use a mindful way to lose weight and find peace and confidence in your eating habits. Joe writes, “The ultimate goal: to integrate a new way of healthful eating into my life, in a way that becomes second nature.”

  • Week One: Joe loses over a pound, despite struggling with the socializing aspect of the diet and realizes there are times he wants to eat when he’s not actually hungry, just craving. Which is quite different.
  • Week Two: Joe takes a trip and despite the time difference, manages to make Buddha’s Diet work, even forgetting to build in the Buddha’s Diet cheat day.
  • Week Three: Week three still has some travel for Joe, but he’s now down 4 1/2 pounds. He’s now on the 9-hour window. The final phase of Buddha’s Diet. He quotes the book saying “You are now what the Buddha might call a sottapana, a ‘stream enterer.’ It is now only a matter of time before you reach your weight-loss goal.” Joe finishes the post with “Am I indeed entering the Buddha’s Diet stream. It feels like it. I might even be able to keep this up.”

We’ll be rooting for him. We knew we were on to something when it helped us both lose pounds and simplify our lives, and we know it’ll do the same for Joe. Joe will be updating his progress here in the food section of the Washington Post.

In the “Buddha’s Diet,” Food and Dining Editor Joe Yonan will be mindful of reducing the window of time he’s eating. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

One last note, we’ve had some great press lately in other outlets too. Health, Hollywood Life, and Fit Bottomed Zen all wrote about how Buddha’s Diet can help you drop pounds without making you crazy. And really, there’s just no reason to embark on a crazy-making diet.

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